About Us



Thank you for your interest in the Honolulu Community Jewish Preschool – Gan Yerushalayim (Garden of Jerusalem).  We invite you to schedule a tour of the school to assist you in making your decision.  Please call the office for an appointment.

The Gan offers classes for children ages 2-5 years.  Your child must be 2 years old before (s)he can begin school.  Children in diapers are welcome in the 2’s Program, and we work with children individually to master potty training on their own schedules.

Our small class sizes allow our knowledgeable staff the opportunity to provide your child with the individual attention so vital to positive growth and development. Gan Yerushalayim is open year-round from 7:00a.m. to 5:30p.m.  We offer a 12-month program honoring both the state and Jewish holiday calendars.  Children may enroll full time or in a half-day program.


Gan Yerushalayim (Garden of Jerusalem) was begun in 1982 as a non-profit organization by a small group of dedicated and concerned members of the Jewish Community.  With the on-going support of Temple Emanu-El, Gan Yerushalayim is now a vibrant entity, providing both a sound religious base for our Jewish families and a quality preschool for all families.  In June 1996, the Board of Gan Yerushalayim, seeking to further strengthen the school’s future, voted to incorporate the preschool into Temple Emanu-El and its School of Jewish Studies.


It is the first five years of life in which we are given the optimum opportunity to develop our children’s potential.  This period of time is precious.  We work to provide your child with a safe, loving and stimulating environment that facilitates learning.  Our emphasis is three-fold: positive social emotional development, an age appropriate curriculum, rich with hands-on readiness oriented activities, and a solid religious base for our Jewish families as well as an enriching religious experience for our non-Jewish children.


Gan Yerushalayim is able to implement our philosophy due to our highly qualified staff, low teacher to pupil ratio, and small class size.  Through active learning we develop your child’s ability to observe and listen carefully.  Through directed play we work on motor development.  Each child builds on previous accomplishments to develop language, imagination, and social confidence.